We provide ongoing, weekly Meisner training where our actors discover a deeper understanding of their art and themselves.

The Actors Gateway

We offer a space where actors can experiment, explore, dare and triumph. We nurture and inspire you to develop at your own individual pace, giving the time and devotion for you to truly absorb and implement this incredible technique.

We teach The Sanford Meisner Acting Technique - Repetition, Independent Activity, Knock, Emotional Preparation, Improvisation, Spoon Rivers and in-depth Scene Work.

"Living truthfully under imaginary circumstances" is a favourite Meisner quote. We teach you to discover the tools to access and develop the art of truly listening, absorbing and reacting - in the moment, organically and under imaginary circumstances. To get rid of self-judgment, to silence that critical voice inside that can sabotage. This technique will free you as an actor AND a human being. This class is a constant within the sometimes chaotic lives actors lead. We believe that the Meisner technique takes years to become a bone-deep way of acting. We provide that home base.

Between us we share over 20 years experience of the technique and have spent many more years working as actors, writers and directors.