What our students are saying. 

Laura Simm

The most challenging, daring and insightful experience of the week.

I am learning so much about myself, both as an actor and as a human being. What a gift this work is.

Chloe Hayward

Meisner is an awakening and has transformed my acting making it more truthful, alive and in the moment than I could have ever imagined. Bryan and Eva lead you to an authenticity you didn't even realise was there all along.

William Brand

Taking Eva Pope and Bryan Oliver’s Meisner class for the last eight months has made a profound difference to my career. Within a few weeks of starting class, I was shooting a series called Crossing Lines with William Fichtner.  I noticed how much easier it was for me to be present and in flow than it had been before I started Meisner, and what a powerful connection I had with Bill Fichtner, unlike anything I’d experienced before.

It has also made a huge difference to my experience of casting interviews.  I don’t get nervous anymore, and am fully present throughout the whole process.  My hit rate since starting Meisner dramatically improved; I get far more offers than I used to.

Anyone who has experienced Eva and Bryan’s training will not be surprised with these results. Rather than describe how these breakthroughs are achieved, I would encourage you to come and experience them for yourself.

Mike Archer

Eva and Bryan's teaching is heartfelt and welcoming, guiding you through both the technique and the emotional experience. Here you can fully embrace who you are. Once you trust and embrace the technique, you cease to act and begin to truthfully live in imaginary circumstance.

Ian Alexander

Wanting to broaden my acting abilities as much as possible, I had read quite a lot on the Meisner Technique and thought that I would ‘give it a go’. To be honest, I decided to try Eva and Bryan’s class because Eva is a well-known actress and I thought, well, if she is one of the teachers then this class must be worthwhile. I am pleased to say I was right!

Eva and Bryan make you feel extremely welcome and at ease from the start. They teach in a very relaxed yet dedicated manner and the weekly class is something I look forward to with great enthusiasm.

Meisner has already enabled me to search deep within myself and unlock all those suppressed emotions allowing me to fully relax, completely trust and be ‘in the moment’ with my fellow actors, which can only make me a better all-round performer.

If you are thinking of studying Meisner, then this class is something you should definitely consider attending. I’m sure you will not regret it.

Simon Wan

Having begun my journey as an actor not so long ago I had spent the last few months attending all the classes that I could get on, find and indeed afford, but something with most of them just didn't click. A mixture of teacher, participant and attitude all contributed to this feeling. After gritting my teeth and knuckling down for as long as I could, part of me felt that selling all my belongings and moving to London had been a bad move. This was until I discovered The Actors Gateway. 

Having been offered the opportunity to try out a session with Eva and Bryan, I did what most people do these days and clicked around on the web, finding out a little knowledge before I began. I found that most of the reviews on Meisner as a technique read as so utterly gushing, alarm bells rang once again and I thought this can't be as they describe. Phrases like 'life changing', 'mind bending', and 'the greatest tool an actor can have', seemed, well all a bit, well, 'toss'. Yet, as it was my last shot at finding a class before having to re-evaluate my impulsive quest to become an actor I turned up, note pad in hand and with a open mind.

From the very first instance, just meeting both Eva and Bryan, something just felt right. The way I was greeted and the warmth of these two teachers was a world away from what I had been used to. Soon after the air kisses, the rest of the group arrived. A mixture of experienced actors, young actors, new actors, screen actors and stage actors all turned up. Some had studied before, some, like me were totally new, yet all were prepared to throw away any ideas they had above their station and trust our new Teachers to begin our journey with us, together.

Now, Meisner is very hard to explain, and I won't even begin, but a 7 minute demonstration from Eva and Bryan on the power of using Meisner technique and where we all can be if we trust, listen and open up, actually did blow my mind. What I saw was two people, through the medium of repeats unlock a narrative that was so real and intense, I sat with my mouth open and just thought, 'YES! this is for me, this is where I want my skills to develop, this is how good I want to be."

There are no punches pulled in this class, no feelings left locked away, and no ego's to contend with. This is as real as it gets and I for one fucking love it. This has 'changed my life', this has 'blown my mind' and when the time is right and when I'm ready I will have 'the greatest tools an actor can have".

Lynda Arron

I started acting only about 5 years ago at the mature age of 60 and am constantly training to stretch myself and improve my skills.  I went to a class where I experienced the Meisner technique and it fascinated me how it helped me firstly remember my lines easier but also made everything so much more believable. I decided I just had to train this way and found Eva and Bryan's workshop on the internet.  I attended their first taster class and was hooked!

I can't explain how I know it is going to work but I know it is going to make a better actress of me. It is based on being in the moment and being truthful and just starting out it has brought some amazing "real life" scenes to the fore. I know it is an ongoing process and it's very early days yet but the wonderful mix of people, emotions and techniques led by Eva and Bryan's amazing teaching skills and care is an irresistible way of learning such an exciting form of acting.

I travel from Manchester every week for this 5 hour long class and never leave disappointed but always with an enthusiasm to want to learn more.

Thanks Eva and Bryan. Lynda.

Jack Cooper

I cannot wait for Thursday to come around as its "Meisner Day" with Eva Pope and Bryan Oliver. This class goes deep into the technique, I have not missed a single week and i know i am becoming a progressively stronger performer due to their personal passion for the"Meisner Technique" and positive critical feedback and guidance that makes every class so challenging and worthwhile.