Laura Simm

The most challenging, daring and insightful experience of the week.

I am learning so much about myself, both as an actor and as a human being. What a gift this work is.


Chloe Hayward

Meisner is an awakening and has transformed my acting making it more truthful, alive and in the moment than I could have ever imagined. Bryan and Eva lead you to an authenticity you didn't even realise was there all along.


William Brand

Taking Eva Pope and Bryan Oliver’s Meisner class for the last eight months has made a profound difference to my career. Within a few weeks of starting class, I was shooting a series called Crossing Lines with William Fichtner.  I noticed how much easier it was for me to be present and in flow than it had been before I started Meisner, and what a powerful connection I had with Bill Fichtner, unlike anything I’d experienced before.

It has also made a huge difference to my experience of casting interviews.  I don’t get nervous anymore, and am fully present throughout the whole process.  My hit rate since starting Meisner dramatically improved; I get far more offers than I used to.

Anyone who has experienced Eva and Bryan’s training will not be surprised with these results. Rather than describe how these breakthroughs are achieved, I would encourage you to come and experience them for yourself.